Staff Directory

Lynn Spyker

Supported Childcare Aide

Mackenzie Doherty

Early Childhood Educator

Robin Kiernan

Best Babies Outreach Worker

Emma Stebbins

Early Childhood Educator

Trina Grey

Early Childhood Educator

Moira Barwell-Clarke

Early Childhood Educator

Tina Tulloch

Food Coordinator

Debra Mazzoni

Youth & Family Development Worker

Joanne Gordon

Early Years Community Engagement Coordinator

Dana Rogers

Youth & Family Development Worker

Peter Magnuson

Youth Development Worker

Brianna Halstead

Youth & Family Development Worker

Colleen Hobson

Executive Director

Corinne Bains

Manager of Children’s Programs, including Full o’ Beans Preschool

Jacquelin Green

Manager of Family Support Programs

Sheila Avery

Coordinator of Food Security Programs

Kayde Sherlock

Administrative Support Worker

Jennifer Hawes, Chair

Lise Robinson, Treasurer

Dorthy Rosenberg, Secretary

Sharon Kelly, Director

Gillian Larsen, Director

Erin Holler, Director

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